Ouroboros II

by Auerkallio



released July 24, 2015

Written, performed, recorded, mixed & mastered by Auerkallio, except keyboard solo in "All-Devouring Flame" performed and recorded by Okke Komulainen.
Cover art by Auerkallio.



all rights reserved


Auerkallio Finland

I was born in late 1985, properly picked up the guitar at the age of 12 and later on drums at 15. It was around this time I also started singing in bands. I've also played bass and keyboards when I've needed to.

I currently play for:
Enthring - Drums
Katra - Drums
Four Hoarsemen (Metallica Tribute) - Posing as Kirk Hammet
Animal House Acoustic Band - Guitar/Vocals
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Track Name: Demon Tamer II - Run You Fools
Run you fools!
Can't you see what's chasing you?
Or perish in my wrath
There's no such god
That could prevent your pathetic beings
From being devoured by my hate

You deprived me
Of the one thing that could contain me
You did not listen when I warned you
So once more I am free

You should have left us be
She was the one thing that kept me
From completing my sadistic dream
Of slowly ending you all

You wondered wether the flame within me
Had already burned out
...not a chance

In the back of my mind I always knew
You would never let me keep her
On the other hand, a monster like me
Does not deserve such Serendipity

I almost began to believe
That I could keep her from you
She was all I could ever ask for
She was the key

The key to my salvation
And yours as well
Now all that's left of me is
Hate, misery and madness

I almost began to believe
That I could keep her from you
She was all I could ever ask for
She was the key

You should have left us be...
Track Name: 9th Of November
It is the 9th of November 2014
At least I think so
I hope so

I fell asleep and in my dream
I've lived on well into 2015
It's a nightmare

All I want is to wake up 9th of November 2014

Sometimes I wonder if I died here
Would I wake up next to you

So in order to survive
I had to allow
The edges of my sanity to bend a little
To keep you with me

I know it's not real
But I need this illusion to live
That's how much I miss you, every second, Serendipity...
Track Name: All-Devouring Flame
You have destroyed the last remains of my humanity
There is no emotion, nothing but a sinister singularity
Void of thoughts or logic, a random generator of death
This time I will not stop, my mind no longer functions by reason

This is not retaliation
But simply the end

An all-devouring flame
A mindless, random hate
Existing only to destroy

There's no malevolence
Only indifference
An icy comet blasting through space

Gravitation swallows you, pulls you into my event horizon
I tear you into my center, not a single particle escapes
Torn apart ineluctably by my growing force
Crushed to infinite density and devoured by the singularity
Track Name: Darkness Is More Than The Absence Of Light
I am the leader of a pack that does not exist
Not many see the path I walk
None dare follow

My vision was changed
Into something more
You see only half of this world
I see it all

You step into my world
You step out a loser
I see more in darkness
Than you ever saw in light

I am the opposition
The unthinkable
I am a contradiction
The uncontrollable
Track Name: I'm Not Here To Be Like You
I chose to separate
From the pack
To wander the earth
Not even in search of anything

Just observing
And moving on
To shut out the world
At least for now

You don't seem to understand
I'm not here to be like you
My part is to make you think

With my demons
A private chat
At last

I choose loneliness
I choose not to belong
I choose darkness
Or did it choose me?

Seeing flashes of your past life
feeling a painful warmth
That man is dead, again
Track Name: Tired Giant, Forgotten God
You claim to walk the left hand path
I am the one who first trod it

I may be wounded
But never weak

Even now, I'm still a thousand times the beast you are a man
I advice you to not approach me
I am the slayer of your kind

I am the ghoul that hides in plain sight
Tired giant, forgotten god

You have found me broken
Lying in pain, covered in scars
It is true
I've never been this weak before
But I'm still a giant

Please stand aside son
You are but a child next to me
You can see me towering over you
Why would you defy?

One day you may be my equal
But that day is not today
Just walk away
And live to be a man

And when you're crumbling before me
I may show you mercy
So you'll survive to tell to of that day
When you felt the force of a god
Track Name: I Am Trying To Say Goodbye
Wandering the earth, once again, as a tired giant, forgotten god
Do not admire me, learn from my misery
Would you exchange everything you love for my power?

Despite everything I am, alone I am not enough
She is the vessel that harnests my strength

I tamed demons, but I never could tame an angel
She fears me now
The one person I swore to protect
There is no peace, only fear
Hate, misery and madness

When she walks her feet barely touch earth
When she speaks my ears hear only her
I was becoming more than a vengeful monster
Becoming a part of her

But then again, you could not comdemn
Someone you love that much, to a life with someone like you
So, as a monster, I continue
One half of a whole
The dark in the grey

Now I am the vessel that carries but hatred
And hate is the fuel that feeds my existence

Missing a half that exists no more
Nothing has ever hurt so much
No longer half-breed
The human is no more
I am the demon that other demons fear

Despite everything I was, alone I could not fight
She was the anchor, that kept me on your side
Now I am the vessel that carries but hatred
And hate is the fuel that feeds my existence
Track Name: Giant With A Napoleon Complex
Feelings are a luxury not all of us are entitled to
Some only have anger, frustration and paranoia
That will do

My insanity protects my life
It is here to make me ignore
That I suffer horrendously until I'm no more
It always was how this is going to be

I can be but proud of my tolerance of pain
But for how long? It's clear this cannot last
How long until my ability consumes me inside?
How much do I have left until I'm too far gone?

It's more than likely I already am
And just cannot tell the difference
Truly only one thing really scares me
Being too weak to live long enough

I still remember before this, before the damage was done
Since I was a child I've felt the change
Lying awake at night, feeling my mind twisting to a knot
I wait to see which gives first, sanity or life