by Auerkallio



released November 14, 2012

All instruments & vocals performed, written, recorded, mixed & mastered by Matti Auerkallio, except saxophone solo on track 3 performed by Santeri Laurén.



all rights reserved


Auerkallio Finland

I was born in late 1985, properly picked up the guitar at the age of 12 and later on drums at 15. It was around this time I also started singing in bands. I've also played bass and keyboards when I've needed to.

I currently play for:
Enthring - Drums
Katra - Drums
Four Hoarsemen (Metallica Tribute) - Posing as Kirk Hammet
Animal House Acoustic Band - Guitar/Vocals
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Track Name: Demon Tamer
You have taken everything from me
My only remaining purpose is to annihilate you all
You have brought this onto yourselves
Have you any idea of the wrath you have spawned within me?

You should have taken my life

No mercy was ever given to me
Despite how cried out in pain you were always relentless

Eye for eye, tooth for tooth
One by one
Cry for cry, root for root
Fire with fire

I remember a little boy who had no clue
How completely one's sense can be removed

Endlessly screaming, even when I'm dreaming
I cannot escape it
Forever forsaken for what you have taken
A walking death's head
There is no salvation only condemnation
For you or for myself
Now we'll all suffer and you will discover
That I have returned for what belongs to me

Now stripped of all I ever held dear
Compassion burdens not a man with nothing left to lose
I await for no tranquility
As I watch the wind scatter your ashes I still feel nothing at all
Track Name: Zen Of Suffering
Brace yourself, for this is going to hurt
But keep in mind, it's only suffering
Nevermind if, it completely crushes you
It's time to show, are you a man or a mouse?

Wouldn't you suffer for her over and over again?
Wouldn't you do the same over and over again?

You must accept this, in order to survive
Attempts to hide, will lead to nothing useful
A clear mind, is what you need now
Feel, think, react, and learn to live with it

Don't let this take more, than is necessary
Try to remember, what you'll sacrifice
Focus on everything, you went through to get here
The effort you saw, to become who you are

Preserve as much, of yourself as possible
Refuse to let, this tear it all down
It might take a year, even the rest of your life
Just remember, this is the only life you have
Track Name: Until There Is Nothing Left To Preserve
Floating in the middle of a complete and utter chaos
Not a single urge to follow but this state is unbearable
Light-years past a fiber of hope, I exist on pure stubborness
The only option that I have is to wander pointlessly

The leaves are changing color, the air is turning cold, I sit and wait
I can not recognize myself anymore, I sit and wait

Broken into tiny pieces, no source of solace to be found
I can endure the pain, but this emptyness devours everything
Completely hollow inside, yet it still finds something to feed on
Look at me, this shell of a man, how dare you make me suffer more?

Until there is nothing left to preserve
Track Name: Ronin
Hide all emotion, nevermind you're burning inside
Turn frustration to strength, show a cold face
None of you know me nor understand what I've gone through
None of you realize what I'm still capable of

Scars are the tokens of victory upon your skin
The bleak ornaments on the walls of your temple
You would be a fool to underestimate my will
I may be wounded but never weak

No longer begging, pleading for refuge
I'll take these wounds, bear them as scars
No longer able to hold on to who I was
I must seek purpose in whatever I'll be left with

Blissfully lost, nothing left to preserve
I possess not a single thing that anyone could ever take from me
Track Name: Hourglass
This day seems so endless
A broken heart pounds inside
I can but listen
Every beat sounds like it's the last

I have no strength
To sever myself from this
It's like the sound of a clock
You've heard and can't shake anymore

As time keeps slipping away
I still lie here helplessly
As our existence split in two
Your time went on, mine came due

I can not control
The ripples this created
It's like butterfly effect
But only in linear time

I need to act, need to get a hold of myself
Stop time from leaving me behind
But all I can do is lie here in pain
As the tears run down my face I voicelessly scream
Please take me back home...
Track Name: The One Who Dwells In Dark Places
I am the one who looks over you
From the darkness beyond your view

You might not see me ever again
But know that I will never be far from you

As I go down, I refuse to drag you to hell with me

I have chosen the path of loneliness

I am the one who dwells! in! dark! places!

You are the one for whom I'd sacrifice every single thing I have
Track Name: Ouroboros
Through the paralyzing pains, the mindfucking loss
The sickness that is tearing me down piece by piece
I struggle to rebuild, to outmuscle a force far greater than myself
With the sole power of will

I have been place into
A constant state of change
And though I'd die to always keep
All the things I love

I know I must let go in order to survive
Everything that was given, will now be taken away

So instead of clinging on to what I hold dear
I must find hope in what is still ahead of me
In this function negative thoughts
Gravitate towards certain... failure

Everytime it picks me apart, I will resuscitate myself
Lay down the burden of negative, all memories that chain you down
I know it hurts, like nothing ever before, but there's just one alternative
If you can't take the punishment, then you are truly not a man... but a mouse

One more scar to bear
One more future day dream nightmare
One more cycle comes to an end
To make way for the next one to contend
Track Name: The Prism
She would feel my touch in different colors
Gentle caress in starlight red
Immense purple brought by sneaking lust
That could be in no way controlled

Fallen into your warm velvet web
Euphoric neurology
Fragrant enchantment

Blue and green form a forest stream flowing
The trees are made of her hair
I've bent down to quench my thirst
And I can never stand up again

She is the prism
The life is the light
I need her beside me
In my world black and white

No wishes of blindness
No numbed eyes