Giant With A Napoleon Complex

from by Auerkallio



Feelings are a luxury not all of us are entitled to
Some only have anger, frustration and paranoia
That will do

My insanity protects my life
It is here to make me ignore
That I suffer horrendously until I'm no more
It always was how this is going to be

I can be but proud of my tolerance of pain
But for how long? It's clear this cannot last
How long until my ability consumes me inside?
How much do I have left until I'm too far gone?

It's more than likely I already am
And just cannot tell the difference
Truly only one thing really scares me
Being too weak to live long enough

I still remember before this, before the damage was done
Since I was a child I've felt the change
Lying awake at night, feeling my mind twisting to a knot
I wait to see which gives first, sanity or life


from Ouroboros II, released July 24, 2015



all rights reserved


Auerkallio Finland

I was born in late 1985, properly picked up the guitar at the age of 12 and later on drums at 15. It was around this time I also started singing in bands. I've also played bass and keyboards when I've needed to.

I currently play for:
Enthring - Drums
Katra - Drums
Four Hoarsemen (Metallica Tribute) - Posing as Kirk Hammet
Animal House Acoustic Band - Guitar/Vocals
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