Tired Giant, Forgotten God

from by Auerkallio



You claim to walk the left hand path
I am the one who first trod it

I may be wounded
But never weak

Even now, I'm still a thousand times the beast you are a man
I advice you to not approach me
I am the slayer of your kind

I am the ghoul that hides in plain sight
Tired giant, forgotten god

You have found me broken
Lying in pain, covered in scars
It is true
I've never been this weak before
But I'm still a giant

Please stand aside son
You are but a child next to me
You can see me towering over you
Why would you defy?

One day you may be my equal
But that day is not today
Just walk away
And live to be a man

And when you're crumbling before me
I may show you mercy
So you'll survive to tell to of that day
When you felt the force of a god


from Ouroboros II, released July 24, 2015



all rights reserved


Auerkallio Finland

I was born in late 1985, properly picked up the guitar at the age of 12 and later on drums at 15. It was around this time I also started singing in bands. I've also played bass and keyboards when I've needed to.

I currently play for:
Enthring - Drums
Katra - Drums
Four Hoarsemen (Metallica Tribute) - Posing as Kirk Hammet
Animal House Acoustic Band - Guitar/Vocals
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