A Thousand Songs Of Woe

by Auerkallio



released August 12, 2014

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Auerkallio at various spaces and times between January 2013 and August 2014 with ever diminishing enthusiasm
All instruments by Auerkallio, except piano on "I Am The Wolf..." by Felipe Muñoz
All music and lyrics written by Auerkallio, except "I Am The Wolf..." music by Auerkallio, Felipe Muñoz & Hiski Marstio
Cover art by Auerkallio



all rights reserved


Auerkallio Finland

I was born in late 1985, properly picked up the guitar at the age of 12 and later on drums at 15. It was around this time I also started singing in bands. I've also played bass and keyboards when I've needed to.

I currently play for:
Enthring - Drums
Katra - Drums
Four Hoarsemen (Metallica Tribute) - Posing as Kirk Hammet
Animal House Acoustic Band - Guitar/Vocals
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Track Name: One More Will Die Tonight
I sense a demon near me
While I pretend to sleep
It does not know it's become weaker than me
I wait listening closely

One more will die tonight

Watching, waiting, predicting
Plotting, extrapolating
Cursing, loathing, despising

Execute step by step as planned
Surprise, misdirect, attack
Control, finish him slowly
Clean the mess, go to sleep, forget
Track Name: Everything You Believe Was Just Proven Wrong
Nevermind how much it hurts
Once you're through you'll be free

That year the one I was
Died of a broken heart
Drowned in his own tears
Tore his mind to pieces trying to adapt

Forget everything you held dear
Project all your anger

Bypass all human factors
Focus on the logic
This is about survival
This is a challenge

Brace yourself for initialization
Full mental transformation
From now on nothing is sacred
Affection reborn as hatred
Track Name: The Child Who Once Was Scared To Sleep
From a feeble boy grew a hardened young man
Openness turned into need for solitude
Desire to be loved into wariness
Blue-eyedness into cunning and guile

Take a look at me now
Take a good look at me now

The child who once was scared to sleep
Over the years has come to see
No monster hides inside a dream
The most fearsome creature here is me

Waves of insult peeled the softness off of him
String of broken hearts left little sympathy
Endless desert drained the fountainhead of tears
A million nightmares terminated his fears
Track Name: To Hold Inside
I have seen things
Things that keep me up at night
Things time does not seem to erode

I must remain strong
To hold these things inside
So you need not share
What I must endure

Please keep in mind
I'm doing this for you
One thing I demand
Don't ask, don't tell

Just remember this hurts me more than it hurts you
There is a reason for this silence
Please believe me, this is better for the both of us
One broken heart is enough
Track Name: I Am The Wolf That Howls Your Name To The Moon
Every dream I've had I've buried with my own hands
All I ever asked was a place to rest my head

And when I sing, my songs are of you
And solely for you
For I am the wolf that howls your name to the moon

When I stopped dreaming of you and dreamt of death instead
That night my heart became broken

And when I sing, my songs are of you
And solely for you
For I am the wolf that howls your name to the moon

And when I dream, my dreams are nightmares
Of how I lost you
For I am the wolf that howls your name to the moon

So, we part as strangers
Forget my name, forget you ever knew me
For you were the only one
I ever showed my true self to

Now I must move on
To search for the home I will never find
And so I wander
Until fade to oblivion

I'm the wolf that howls your name to the moon
Track Name: Confession
Every night I dream of what you taste like
How your hips move, your voice, the sound of your breath

I have never wanted anything so bad
Please forgive me for my dreams

I hold her tight from behind
Kiss down her neck
And lower down her back
Lift up her skirt
And lick her all over
So soft she can barely feel it
Absorbing every motion of her body
And when she is ready
I let her feel how much I want her
Until she breaths again

I am trying to forget
But you are my weakness
I have never wanted anything so bad
Please forgive my dreams
Track Name: Balancing Act
I wake up hungover again
It takes a while to recognize the roof above my bed

I sigh for disappointment
Once again it still was not just a bad dream

My whole life is a balancing act I'm desperately trying to survive
Constantly building and destroying a whole meaning of life
Track Name: Sleep Well
Sleep well little one
Your last tear has finally run

Though you may be but dust and bones underground
With ease I remember how your laughter used to sound

Sleep well little one
Your pain is finally gone

I know nothing waits for us beyond the clouds
But into the memory I am forever bound

Your time is finally done
So sleep well little one